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If you are financially able, and enjoy the Mailing Lists, Forums, the Nostalgia Pages, and the Nostalgic Rumblings Blog and Podcast, along with the other services we provide, we hope you'll consider making a voluntary financial contribution to help offset the bandwidth fees we must pay, server connection fees, and other expenses we incur. Remember, we must pay for our server co-location; this is not donated as the previous server for the OTR Digest was. I gotta tell seems like each month server, bandwidth, or some other fee is going up, and it's getting more and more difficult to keep everything running smoothly.

We suggest a voluntary payment (think of it as a voluntary subscription) of $35.00 per year; if you cannot afford this, but would like to contribute something anyway, we will gratefully accept smaller amounts. Of course, if you are financially able and would like to donate more than the suggested $35.00, we would appreciate that as well.

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